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Ranhill SAJ Sdn. Bhd. is looking for new potential candidates to fill in for Assistant Manager (Section Head) position. If you currently looking for new job opportunities and qualified with the job desc, feel free to apply this job.

Job Description

  • Assist Head of Customer Relations in formulating a business plan for the purpose of implementing related programs and day-to-day Customer Relation Section activities in order to ensure smooth running of the business operations in meeting the department’s vision and mission.
  • Manage and monitor customer services strategy for complaint & feedback through Social Media Website, Facebook, Apps, Email, SMS and any source of social media and related system (Johor Public Complaints Bureau & E-Aduan SPAN) to ensure the service delivered met with the regulators requirement and customer satisfaction.
  • Coordinate in modernizing and updating the content of social media (Company Facebook & Website) with the current information and facts.
  • Approaching targeted customer in explication and explanation of company’s operations, services or any related matter.
  • Strategize and managing with all related department on the progress of complaints resolution.
  • Organize any new technologies, outsourcing and partnership that can increase process efficiency which lead to increase performance and opportunities for the
    Company. Ensures the service delivered met with the SPAN (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Malaysia) regulation Act 655.

Company Overview

Ranhill SAJ Sdn Bhd is well known for its source-to-tap water supply business to 3.7 million customers in the state of Johor since almost two decades ago. As one of the subsidiaries and greatest assets of Ranhill Holdings Berhad, Ranhill SAJ has built a solid reputation as a key stakeholder, driving for sustained management of nature’s valuable resource, water. This is a clear acknowledgement of increased reliability and assurance of supply treated water for the people in Johor.
Our focus has always been the customers, for which we revolved our services and business around. Since Ranhill SAJ migrated to the new licensing regime in 2009, we were granted license to source raw water, treatment and distribution of treated water to consumers. We provide a full range of customer services including billing and collection services and complaints management.
All those services excellences have been the pride of Ranhill SAJ as we continue to perform surpassing our earlier achievements. Our “asset-light” business model allows us to focus on continuous improvement in operational efficiencies. Our operational capacity is reflected in us meeting the KPIs as agreed and monitored by Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN)
Ranhill SAJ’s performance in terms of efficiency has shown a remarkable achievement. The operation covers all major business, a result of our continuous efforts to enhance efficiency, regular monitoring of our operations and centralized procurements, coupled with technological enhancements, building up skills and expertise as well as improving work culture, we managed to obtain cost savings in almost all of our operation areas.
Currently Ranhill SAJ operates and maintain all 44 water treatment plants (WTP) effectively and efficiently as to produce high quality treated water in line with National Drinking Water Quality (NDWQ) Standard. Ranhill SAJ also has achieved the highest level of efficiency in the areas of supply coverage with 22,175 km of pipelines and 673 active storage and service reservoirs, water treatment plant reserve margin, fast response and resolution to complaints. For such efficiency, SAJ was recognised by Malaysian Water Association (MWA) as one of the best water supply company in area of Excellence in Total Water Management and Operating Efficiency. Since then, SAJ has continued this excellence as proven by SAJ continuous compliance toward SPAN's efficiency KPIs.
An aspect that always been the parameter to determine the efficiency of a water utility company is its level of Non-Revenue Water (NRW). NRW percentage in Johor were verified to be at 35% in year 2002 and current level stands at 24.7%, which translates to an accumulated savings of over 249 mld in 15 years. SAJ has the lowest leak per kilometer of pipe in Malaysia, at 0.017 mld per kilometer per day and one of the lowest NRW level among the local water operators. This is as indicated in the latest Malaysia Water Industry Guidelines produced by Malaysian Water Association.
Monitoring and reducing NRW in our distribution in line with government’s agenda of reducing NRW in the country. For that reason, Ranhill SAJ has developed NRW Strategic Management Plan to achieve a holistic approach of NRW reduction with Aqua SMART technology. This technology is led by Ranhill Water Services (RWS), a specialist in resolving NRW issues nationwide.
The methodology executed by SAJ in keeping the NRW level down was also shared with our neighbouring state. Both successes of Johor and Malacca in having among the lowest NRW level indicated that the right approaches have been taken, and it shall be the fundamental in further driving the NRW level down in the coming future.
Fresh, clean water is the essence of life, essential to our very existence. With this in mind, Ranhill SAJ is fully committed on initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon foot print through Energy Policy MS ISO 50001, which involve monitoring waste generated, emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, and meeting all the environmental requirements through continual improvement energy performance to achieve company’s energy management objective and targets, provide necessary resources and information to ensure efficient use of energy in all company’s activities and energy consumption is sustainable. This is mainly to improve on efficiency in consumption, reducing utility cost and optimizing capital expenditure.
In 2015 and 2017, the acknowledgment by The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE) in recognition of SAJ's Carbon footprint reduction initiatives is such prove that SAJ are moving towards the right direction as aspired by the Malaysian government.
Ranhill SAJ successes in its Social and Community engagement are fruits of collaboration with several stakeholders. SAJ main aims are to ensure care for the needy community and sustainable conservation of the environment and natural resources.
Some of its collaborations are with, Johor State Government, KeTTHA, Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN), Pengurusan Aset Air Berhad (PAAB), Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah (PPD), UTM, Institute of Environment and Water Sources Management, Department of Environment (DOE), community & parliamentary leaders and publication media.

Ranhill SAJ places a high value on the development of its human capital. The efficiency of all those stated above was achieved through a total transformation of SAJ’s Human Resource management approach which eventually evolves into a better working culture, supported by some dedicated and competent employees. Winning the Excellence in Change Management Award at the Global Excellence in Management Awards 2013 (GEMA) stamped the success of our transformation journey. Training has played a major part in this transformation for which SAJ was recognized by the World Bank as a Training Center for Water Supply Operation, Maintenance & Management. On SAJ dedication towards high value of its human capital development,Ranhill SAJ was also recognized for its Best Workplace Practices under the Asian Corporate Social responsibility for its Organizational Climate Project for two consecutive years.
Recognitions are a major component that motivate and drive Ranhill SAJ to do well and even strive higher in its future endeavour. Especially under the supervision of SPAN's KPIs, it has become a source of pride for SAJ  to comply with those set parameters of excellence. These recognitions of our achievements, spur us on towards even more significant milestones. The list below highlights just some of the awards we have won;
(1) SAJ awards in area of Potential Organisation category, obtain distinction certification in Knowledge Management and to top it, The Best Practicing Organisation category in the Global Emerging Knowledge Organisation Award 2008 & 2009 (GEKO)
(2) Won the Excellence in Change Management Award at the Global Excellence in
Management Awards 2013 (GEMA)
(3) 2nd runner up for MYCarbon Awards 2014 organized by Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment and 1st runner up for MYCarbon Awards 2015
(4) 2014 & 2017 - Best Company to Work For in Asia awarded by HR Asia
Never content with our past achievements, we continuously work harder towards improving our standards, operational effectiveness, optimum water quality and ultimately provide value-added customer service by enriching lives through sustainable solutions.
In addition, this is how we strive to demonstrate our high commitment towards our utmost valuable asset; our customers through processes and satisfaction assurance in whole new difference perspective, which emerge in the concept of Water, Re-engineered!

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